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CONTACT | Josh Frigo  coyotetalkmusic@gmail.com

the band

Josh Frigo, vox, guitars


Alex Dobbert, drums


Raised in a part of the midwest where the last lines of Chicago's urban landscape marry the first rows of Indiana's cornfields, Coyote Talk's musical output is a reflection of the cultural duality in which song-writer Josh Frigo was raised. Along with drummer and engineer Alex Dobbert, the duo have developed a sound that is both familiar yet daring. Their debut LP "Sister" (2013) and single "Don't Let Them Break Your Heart" (summer 2015) have earned them a captivated and growing audience.

upcoming new album

Coyote Talk's album will be released on March 31 along with a show at the White Rabbit in Fountain Square, Indianapolis, IN.

Upcoming music video release

Watch Coyote Talk's upcoming music video release below. It probably goes without saying – this hasn't been released to the public, please don't share ;)

preview the upcoming album

album release show

MARCH 31, 2017  |  Album Release Show  |  White Rabbit Cabaret

Where we've most recently played


NOV 4    |   The Hi-Fi – Indianapolis, IN

AUG 4    |   Rathskellar Biergarten  – Indianapolis, IN

JUL 13   |   The Basement East – Nashville, IN

MAY 28  |   Two EE's Winery – Fort Wayne, IN

APR 29  |   Casey Jones Amphitheater  – Jackson, TN

APR 22  |   The High Watt – Nashville, TN

APR 9    |   The HiFi – Indianapolis, IN


Josh Frigo  coyotetalkmusic@gmail.com