Coyote Talk is your dad’s new favorite band. When he texts you about their record, “Sister” that he’s been listening to, you begrudgingly agree to “maybe check it out if you get the time.”

But that night while driving your 2008 maroon Toyota Yaris to meet your friends at that overpriced new French-Caribbean restaurant, Gastrique Martinique, that just opened up on the East side of town, you let it play…and you like it. I mean you really like it. 

It’s got that perfect blend of old-meets-new spirit with americana guitar hooks and dreamy vocal melodies to boot. You let it play all the way to Gastrique Martinique and when you see your friends outside, getting ready to go in, you get an idea.

You yell to them to forget about the French-Caribbean food and instead cram into your 2008 maroon Toyota Yaris. You get Thai takeout and drinks from that strip mall down the road and drive an hour outside of town into the cool country night. 

You play “Sister” on repeat the whole way there. Your friends ask “Who is this?” and you tell them it’s this band your dorky, kinda cool dad told you about, Coyote Talk.

As the last track on the record comes to a close, you and your friends pile out of the car at the clearing that overlooks the highway. You eat, drink, and talk all night and just before you fall asleep on the grass, you look out into the night sky, store that moment deep in your memory, and hum a tune that you can’t quite place as you close your eyes.

Coyote Talk is Josh Frigo (Vox/Guitars), Ben Goodrow (Bass), and Alex Dobbert (Drums).


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